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Corona CT 70

Windows are to protect us from the cold, rain, noise and sometimes even from break-ins. Improved heat insulation means lower heating costs, which make a noticeable difference to our wallets on the one hand and protect the natural environment on the other. Schüco window systems provide designs suitable for the future as well as intelligent technology, which increases your sense of security, increases the value of the house or apartment and you also save on the utilisation costs. Modern technology and the right combination of materials has allowed us to develop a concept of a system which can be adapted to the individual needs of every client.

Well thought-out decision

Anyone who wants to replace windows or install them in a new home can do so consciously, adopting as a starting point completely different and basically better solutions, than those available several years ago.

Comfort and safety

Windows join two areas: external and internal. Windows allow light to penetrate the interior, create a sense of spaciousness and allow us to admire the view outside . A window’s appearance fundamentally affects its aesthetics and its structure and materials used are deciding factors in our satisfaction with the product for many years to come.

Beautiful appearance

Windows manufactured from PVC plastic of the Schüco Corona CT 70 system enchant clients with their timeless line and slender profile structure. Three different styles and three series of the Corona CT 70 system: Classic, Rondo and Cava as well as a wide range of colours and veneers provide unique freedom in designing interiors and facades. The possibility of operating the colour and details schemes are additional features, the use of which allows clients to emphasize their own style and originality. The selection of accessories, various shapes of glass beading, window sash bars, high quality glazed units, roller shutters and the option of a sash in a different colour to the frame, allows us to meet various expectations.

okno Corona CT70

Corona CT 70 Classic

A classic sash line and economic form compliant with the expectations of modern architecture

okno Corona CT70

Corona CT 70 Rondo

The slightly concave, soft sash line creates optical contraction of the already narrow window profiles

okno Corona CT70

Corona CT 70 Cava

The slightly cut sash geometry creates an optical division of the sash and frame

The basis of a good window - Corona CT 70 profile

Profil Corona

Convincing design

The slightly cut geometry of the sash* 1creates an optical division of the sash and frame, which emphasizes the attractiveness and lightness of the window’s structure. Barely visible, light-grey gaskets 2 and a deep-seated edge of a glazed unit 3 make the window profiles seem even narrower.

Protection from the cold

Innovative profiles produced according to the five-chamber technology 4, sash with a depth of 82 mm and frame with a depth of 70 mm guarantee excellent thermal insulation. Two sealing planes 5 and a deep seated glass pane also means lower energy consumption. The high quality glazed unit 6 minimises heat losses and maintains a high degree of transparency at the same time.

Cosy accommodation

Sealing system with two rebate gaskets 5 5 and special properties of the glazed unit offer ideal protection from noise, rain and wind. If necessary, it is also possible to simply increase the acoustic insulation by using special glazed units 6

Durable and eco-friendly

Strong and corrosion-resistant steel profiles 7in the frame and sash guarantee the window’s stability, safety of use and durability. Minimal energy consumption, low carbon dioxide emission and recycling considerably reduce environmental pollution.

Easy to keep clean

Smooth external surfaces resistant to weather conditions 8 will make your windows look like new with the minimum effort necessary to clean them, even after many years.