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Schüco Corona CT 70 MD Programm

Energy savings is an interesting topic for everyone these days and this is the case not only due to the fact that heating costs are burdensome for every private household, but also because the increasing energy consumption results in the increase of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which are hazardous for the environment.

Thanks to the Schüco Corona CT 70 MD system, energy consumption decreases noticeably, resulting in substantial savings for the user and is also an advantage for the environment.

This is noticeable in the cross-section of a profile : The multi-chamber structure with five chambers and an increased thickness of the frame of 70 mm is the basis for exceptional thermal insulation. Combined with the adhesive seals of the entire edge and heat-insulating glazing, it is capable of insulation values which were unimaginable a couple of years ago.

By the way: Please notice the strong steel profiles in the window frame and sash. They guarantee high stability and durability of the windows. All of the fittings are safe and permanently fixed in the steel reinforcement mounted all around. This also improves your safety and the value of your window.

Important: Schüco Corona CT 70 MD is a window which is just as safe after many years as it was on the first day.

okno Corona CT70

Schüco Corona CT 70 MD Classic

Classic sash line and economic, timeless form compliant with the expectations of modern architecture.

okno Corona CT70

Schüco Corona CT 70 MD Cava

The slightly cut sash geometry creates an optical division of the sash and frame, giving the structure a subtle and attractive appearance.

okno Corona CT70

Schüco Corona CT 70 MD Rondo

The slightly concave, soft sash line creates an optical contraction of the already narrow window profiles. Their curves improve the profile’s self-cleaning properties and reduce the frequency of cleaning .

The basis of a good window:Window profiles Schüco Corona CT 70 MD Classic, Cava, Rondo

Convincing design

The user can chose from three profile shapes 1 uallowing perfect adaptation of the new windows to the character of the house. Barely visible, light-grey seals 2 and the deep-seated edge of the glazed unit 3 makes the window profiles Schüco Corona CT 70 MD Classic, Cava or Rondo seem even narrower.

Protection from the cold

Innovative profiles made according to the five-chamber technology 4 and the sash with a depth of 82 mm and frame with a depth of 70 mm guarantee excellent thermal insulation. Two sealing planes 5 and a deep-seated glass pane also result in lower energy consumption. The high quality glazed unit 6 minimises heat losses and maintains high transparency at the same time.

Cosy accommodation

A sealing system with two adhesive seals 5 and special properties of the glazed unit provide excellent protection from noise, rain and wind. If necessary, it is also possible to simply increase the acoustic insulation by using special glazed units 6

Durable and eco-friendly

Strong and corrosion-resistant steel profiles 7 in the frame and sash guarantee the window’s stability, safety of use and durability. Minimal energy consumption, low carbon dioxide emission and ease of recycling considerably reduce environmental pollution.

Easy to keep clean

Soft external surfaces resistant to weather conditions 8 means your windows will still look like new after many years with the minimum of work input necessary to clean them